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Loon Rapid’s Lodge :: Mountain Wisconsin


If you are searching for an Airbnb in Mountain, Wisconsin, look no further than Loon Rapids Lodge. I can honestly say this is the most unique and special rental I’ve stayed at to date, and that’s saying a lot! I’ve rented 50+ cabins all over the US and beyond over these last few years. This cabin is one that will stand out in my mind forever.

The property began years ago with a vision by then 17 year old Luke Boyd. Luke happened to be driving by a wildly forested lot and saw a for sale sign. After calling the owner, he negotiated a land contract and the next thing he knew the land was his! It came as a bit of a shock to his family who’d imagined him following a more traditional career path, but even at such a young age Luke had a vision. As the son of a builder and an artist, he had both the pragmatic and creative skills required to build such a property as is Loon Rapid’s Lodge. Luke is passionate about the environment and wanted to construct a cabin that was eco friendly, unique, and would draw in guests with likeminded values. And so began the story of a self sustained, private ecolodge that I can’t think of a better word to describe than magical. The lodge as we see it today was no easy feat to create. Luke had to construct his own road, bring in materials, invest in solar technology and much more. But with determination and passion, he was able to continuously update the property and turn his vision into the reality I experienced a week or so ago.

Before I get into the ins and outs of this cabin, please keep in mind it is an off the grid, eco friendly rental, run completely off solar polar. If you are expecting the amenities of a five star resort and will be satisfied with nothing less, this isn’t for you. Personally I think you’ll find something even better! Instead of air conditioning, you have a river to jump into! Rather than cable, you’ll find vintage tapes and all the hiking you can dream of. This rental is amazing and I don’t want to send people it’s way who will end up leaving a bad review because they misunderstood what it’s about. So with this info in mind, let’s take a tour!


Eagle’s Nest
Eagle’s Nest

There are 2 cabins on the property, Eagle’s Nest and Homestead. Each cabin can be rented separately, so if you are looking for a family vacation I highly recommend renting both cabins at the same time. That’s what my group did. We had so much fun running around each cabin, enjoying what both have to offer. The property covers 600 feet of Oconto river frontage, and you can rent out tubes and kayaks if you want to really enjoy the water. We did this and had a blast. Make sure to walk along the river and find the big flat rock when it comes to swimming. There you’ll find a natural water slide and swimming hole.

At night we would hang out on the many decks and listen to music, play cards, and simply enjoy each other’s company. If you bring food and essentials, you really don’t need to leave the property at all. You’ll have enough natural entertainment to keep you occupied the entire time.

The Inside

I’ll break up this section per cabin to make things clearer.

The Homestead

This cabin is a little more whimsical than its modern neighbor. To me it felt a bit like a fairy tale cottage. There are 3 bedrooms and 1 half bath. It can sleep 6. I loved the loft in this cabin, it was a quintessential Moody Cabin Girl space. The decks on this home are great spots to hang out and enjoy the day. The kitchen has everything you need to cook a meal. We gave this cabin 10/10!

Eagle’s Nest

This cabin has more luxurious vibes. It sleeps six and has 2 bathrooms. If you’re looking for a cabin with a more modern edge, go with this one. The kitchen is great, and the views are second to none. We spent our first night here drinking White Claws and talking, laughing, and having the best time ever. We rate this cabin another 10/10!


Other things to note about this area: there are several restaurants nearby although Mountain is a small town in the middle of the woods. We enjoyed Mulligans! A gas station is not far either. There is also a historic fire tower very near to the resort that I highly suggest visiting for amazing vistas.

As far as the resort goes, I loved every single thing about it. You couldn’t ask for better hosts. Luke stopped by while we were there and was helpful in every way. His wife Maggie texted us throughout our stay and helped with any questions we had. My group kept reminding each other to soak up every minute because we may never stay somewhere as cool and interesting as this again.

Final thoughts? If you are an eco conscious soul who loves interesting cabin architecture like me, STAY HERE! And rent out the whole dang place. I promise you will not regret this.

Click here to visit the Loon Rapids Lodge website:

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