Wisconsin Dells Afrarme

Dell Prairie A-Frame Chalet :: Wisconsin Dells, WI


Last week I made the 7-hour drive from Ferndale, Michigan to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. My destination was a stunning a-frame chalet located just a few minutes outside of the downtown Dells area. Dell Prairie A-frame is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by Laurel and Curt Lawrence. In 2020 they bought the cabin in foreclosure. Over a six month period they put their blood, sweat, and tears into fixing up the a-frame and turning it into the charming rental it is today. We connected on Instagram over our love of a-frames and I had to pinch myself when Laurel invited me to visit and see the cabin in person. Now I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

The Outside

The cabin is located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood. The front is a chalet, the back an a-frame. It’s surrounded by trees with plenty of space to hang out by the fire or play a game of horseshoe. There is a large upper deck that overlooks the property. You’ll find a patio table there that would make the perfect spot for an outdoor meal. If you feel like relaxing you can take advantage of the hammock that hangs out front.

Merry People Boots
Merry People Boots

The Inside

The cabin is quite roomy and sleeps up to 8 guests. There are 3 bedrooms, 6 beds, and 2 bathrooms. When you walk in from the back of the house first see the bathroom. Next you’ll enter the kitchen/dining room. There is more than enough room for cooking and all the equipment you’d need to make a family dinner. Next is the living space with a huge couch. This room is where my group spent a lot of our time. We loved all the plants Laurel and Curt have placed throughout this space.

A spiral staircase leads upstairs to a loft with another living area and a bedroom. String lights add warmth and cozy vibes to this area.

Last, there is a basement level with 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own special decor. From vintage keyboards to flora and fauna prints, there is so much to enjoy, and you’ll want to make sure you save enough time to just explore the spaces.


As you can tell from the photos this is pretty much the best cabin ever. Not only is the cabin gorgeous, but it’s also conveniently located about 10-15 minutes outside of downtown Wisconsin Dells so it’s a great home base for adventures. I had a group of 7 and we had more than enough room inside the cabin for everyone to feel at ease and comfortable. To all my followers, if you haven’t visited Wisconsin yet, this place is a MUST! To visit this rental, click HERE.

Merry People Boots

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